Do not place your order if you are being charged taxes and you believe you should be tax exempt. We are unable to credit the tax back post purchase.

SATO Printer Store is required to collect sales tax in the states where we have a business presence (check the list of taxable states). If your order is being shipped to one of these states, it will include sales tax unless you provide valid tax exemption documentation for each State in which you do business.

Any sales tax to be charged will be indicated once your billing and shipping information has been entered during checkout.

If you are a tax-exempt entity but don’t have tax-exempt customer status in your SATO Printer Store account yet, please indicate this in the Payment method step during the checkout process. Simply fill out the application form and upload your valid tax exemption certificate. When your tax exemption documentation is validated, we will add a tax exemption status to your account (if you have one) that will enable ongoing tax-exempt purchases.

Documentation requirements

Each State has specific exemption documentation requirements, which vary based on the type of exemption you claim (e.g. reseller, exempt organization, etc.) and depending on the state in which you do business. Resale certificates are sometimes known as nontaxable transaction certificates, sales tax exemption certificates, and sales and use tax resale certificates.

Please review your state’s requirements for exemption documentation and ensure that all required names, signatures, and dates are included. Sales tax permits, W-9’s or IRS exemption letters are not considered valid sales tax exemption documentation.

Tax exemption certificate(s) requirements:

  • The name on the exemption certificate must match the SATO Printer Store account sold-to-company name. If the name does not match, a letter explaining the relationship is required.
  • W9 is not acceptable for tax exemption but may be used as back-up documentation to show a business name correlation.
  • Your order must ship to the same state as documented on your sales tax exemption certificate.
  • If your form has a vendor info field you must complete it. Our address is:
    SPS Online LLC
    7607 50th Street
    Milan, IL 61264

IMPORTANT: Orders placed prior to a tax-exempt request will not be subject to refund of sales tax by SATO Printer Store.

How to apply for sales tax-exempt status

You may submit your tax exemption application in the checkout, on your account and by sending the information via email. Please only apply if we currently charge sales tax in your state (check the list of taxable states).

During the purchase process, enter your Company Name for your billing information and select tax exemption on the Payment method step. You’ll be asked to fill out an application form and upload your valid tax exemption certificate.

NOTE: Sales tax will not be removed at checkout, as your certificate needs to be approved by our tax team. Once approved the sales tax on your order will be removed before invoicing. The certificate will also be applied to your account for future orders.

Fill out a tax-exempt application form on your dedicated SATO Printer Store account and upload a valid tax exemption certificate. Once all required information has been received and approved, you’ll be able to order tax free and your form will be saved to your account, so you won’t need to submit the form for the respective state again.

Send your tax exemption request to Make sure your email includes the following:

  1. Your name
  2. SATO Printer Store account email address
  3. The name of the exempt organization for which tax-exempt purchase will be made
  4. Reason for purchasing tax exempt
  5. State (-s) where you are tax exempt
  6. Tax exemption documentation – all forms or certificates requiring an authorized purchaser signature must be complete and include a handwritten signature

Please allow us 2-3 business days for processing given that all required information and documentation is submitted completely and accurately. If we have any questions regarding your tax exemption request, our sales team will contact you.

Tax exemption process for future orders

Once tax exemption documentation for the State you are shipping to is validated, SATO Printer Store will add a tax exemption status to your account that will enable ongoing tax-exempt purchases.

  • You must use that account only for qualifying tax-exempt/resale purchases.
  • You must use a separate account for non-qualifying/non-exempt purchases to US state(s) in which you already have tax-exempt status on your SATO Printer Store account approved.

Please note that some exemption certificates expire on a certain date or after a certain number of years. It is your responsibility to upload/send SATO Printer Store an updated sales tax exemption certificate or other documentation, when required, in order to avoid any lapse in the tax-exempt status assigned to your account. You must also notify SATO Printer Store if your organization is no longer tax exempt or if the organization changes ownership or its name.

States we collect US sales tax

SATO Printer Store collects US sales tax for orders shipped to the states listed below. The list is subject to change. Any applicable tax will be visible at checkout before you complete the order. If you hold a valid resale certificate or are ordering on behalf of a tax-exempt institution, please apply for a tax exemption.

  • Illinois
  • North Carolina

What if I do not have a tax exemption certificate?

All orders are taxable if you do not have a tax-exempt certificate for a specific company and state you are shipping to.

I have a certificate approved on my account, but I’m still charged sales tax?

Tax-exempt or reseller status is typically state based. If you hold tax-exempt or reseller status in a specific state it is valid only for orders shipping to that state. For example, if you are tax exempt in Illinois, an order shipping to California would not qualify as exempt.

For additional questions, please contact