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SATO S84-ex OEM print engine

Food & Beverage
Warehouse & Distribution Centers

Industrial print engine built for the core of automatic label applicators. The S84-ex is best for labels less than 4.1” wide, of any length. Available for either direct thermal or thermal transfer labels.

  • Easily configure printers across your fleet with settings cloning via USB
  • Compatible with all major printer control languages
SATO S84-ex printer
SATO powered on-site

The ultimate component in high volume print/apply label applicators

Engineered specifically for integration into automatic print and apply systems, this high-duty cycle engine is reliable in the most robust applications.

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Best-in-class print speed at 203 and 305 dpi for maximum efficiency automatic labeling.

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10-15% faster print throughput with equivalent print speed against major competitor printers.

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Print small, crisp characters in tight spaces with 609 dpi, which is ideal for UID, 2D codes, PCB, small-item labels or electronic products.

Anatomy of the industry workhorse

Unique features, such as the quick-change ribbon cassette, high-throughput data processing, and improved service ability are clearly direct benefits to end-users maximizing uptime, making it easy to maintain and satisfy production flow requirements.

SATO S84-ex anatomy

Large LCD display and icon-driven user interface for easy and intuitive operation.

Standard hole pattern for easy replacement of competing industrial printers.

A powerful, 32-bit RISC processor for maximum data processing capability. Combined with 64 MB of onboard RAM, the S84-ex series can output the most complex label formats with no wasted time.

Ribbon capacity of up to 600 meters for maximum up-time between ribbon changes.

SDPL, SZPL, and SIPL emulation modes are just a few button presses away on the LCD display.

Bi-directional ribbon capability to accommodate coated-side-in and coated-side-out ribbons. Ribbon saver option to reduce ribbon usage on labels with large non-printed areas.

203, 305, and 609 dpi interchangeable printheads provide maximum application flexibility and future upgradeability. One-touch, tool-less printhead release mechanism for fast and efficient printhead changes.

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Ready to build your S84-ex?

SATO S84-ex specifications

Print methodDirect Thermal Only or Direct & Thermal Transfer or Ribbon Saver
Print resolution203 or 305 or 609 dpi
Print widthUp to 4.1"
Print speed (max)16 ips - 203 dpi
14 ips - 305 dpi
6 ips - 609 dpi
Printer languagesSBPL (Sato), ZPL (Zebra), DPL (Datamax), IPL (Intermec)
Settings cloningYes, copy settings from printer to printer via USB or ethernet

S84-ex and S86-ex product datasheet
S84-ex and S86-ex quick guide
S84-ex and S86-ex operator manual
S84-ex and S86-ex programming reference

Compatibility & interchangeability

SATO printers are fully plug and play interchangeable with other common printer brands, such as Datamax, Zebra, and Intermec. Emulation mode allows the SATO printer to accept DPL, ZPL, or IPL printer control codes. This means printers from other brands can be easily replaced by a new SATO without IT or software changes.

The S84-ex shares a hole pattern with most other major printer brands, allowing for it to be swapped into many label applicator designs in replacement of other industrial printer brands.

S84-ex printer interfaces

Print method

Direct Thermal (DT) only configuration or dual Thermal Transfer (TT) and DT configuration are available. If DT printing is required exclusively, the DT-only option is more affordable and offers simpler maintenance.

Thermal Transfer (TT) prints use simple labels and a roll of ink “ribbon.” Heat transfers the ink onto the labels. Direct Thermal (DT) prints use thermal labels and do not require a ribbon. DT is more popular for most modern printing applications.


203 dpi, 305 pdi and 609 dpi are available. Lower dpi is more affordable and allows for faster print speed. This makes 203 dpi most popular for printing text and barcodes. 305 dpi and 609 dpi are best for intricate logos and images.

DPI stands for “dots per inch.” Higher DPI allows for better print quality.

Printer orientation

Standard Right Hand (RH) and Opposite Left Hand (LH) printer orientations are available. RH and LH print engines are identical mirrors of each other. Most printer applicators use Standard Right Hand (RH) print engines. “Swing Arm” style applicators often use Opposite Left Hand (LH) print engines to apply from the opposite side of the production line.

“Swing Arm” style printer applicators can be required to apply labels from either side of a production line, requiring two possible printer orientations.

Communication options

All units come standard with RS232, LAN, USB and IEEE1284 communication. Bluetooth and WiFi are available as add-on communication methods to the core set.

SATO Select

Every SATO print engine comes with a comprehensive 1-year warranty, free of charge. But if something should malfunction with the printer, SATO has a service program to resolve all issues. SATO Select provides extended factory direct, mail-in services for your print engine. SATO Select is the only official support program offered by SATO, and all technicians are trained exclusively to service SATO printers.

With this service, you will have your print engine repaired, tested, cleaned and back to you in 5 days. SATO direct-to-factory program allows you to continue receiving the highest level of service and support beyond your standard manufacturer’s warranty period. Choose a 2- or 3-year cost-effective service option that fits your business needs.

Learn more about SATO extended warranties

SATO depot service contracts include:

  • Parts and labor
  • Print head coverage
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Five-day turnaround
  • Accidental physical damage*
  • Free mechanical updates
  • Free firmware updates
  • Mechanical failure
  • Wear and tear

*Accidental physical damage is limited to cosmetic damages and does not include coverage for severe abuse or liquid immersion.

Printer drivers & software
Download drivers for Windows OS

SATO Printers Windows Driver

Download drivers for Mac OS

For Mac OS X: 32/64 bit platform

Download drivers for Linux OS

32-bit system
64-bit system

Download drivers for other platforms

Linux ARM


Switching to SATO is as easy as one click. EMULATE.

Print with any Control Codes – “Emulation Mode” allows SATO printers to print using the printer codes of all other major printer brands, including Zebra, Datamax and Intermec. Plug and play with your existing software.

Clone Printer Settings via USB – Easily clone printer settings across your entire fleet via USB or ethernet. USB cloning empowers maintenance personnel to pull exact settings from printers and install those settings on other printers in seconds.

Easy maintenance, maximum uptime and production flow

s84-ex easy to use

Easy to use

  • Two color status LED and LCD
  • Best-in-class print speed and throughput
  • Simple standalone mode support
  • Downloadable/uploadable printer setting, log, data, via SD and USB
s84-ex quick maintenance

Quick maintenance

  • Easy printhead and roller replacement
  • Convenient access to backside
  • Tool-less sensor cover replacement/cleaning
s84-ex enhanced connectivity

Enhanced connectivity

  • Multiple interfaces on-board
  • D-SUB 25 pin EXT interface – NPN/PNP connection
  • Standard emulations on-board, SZPL, SDPL, SIPL
  • Multi-national language support
s84ex rfid option

S84-ex RFID option

RFID tags are written, read and verified inside the printer prior to printing. In the case of a tag failure, the RFID printers will mark the tag, send a “bad tag” output and advance to the next one, assuring reliability in mission critical applications.

RFID Supported: UHF (EPC)

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