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SATO CL4NX Plus series thermal tabletop label printers

CL4NX Plus tabletop printers support 203, 305 and 609 dpi print resolutions on labels up to 4 inches. Media handling options such as cutters, dispensers/rewinders and linerless kits increase the flexibility and efficiency of the printing systems. Wireless and clock/calendar interfaces allow to expand printer functionality.

The CL4NX Plus series models are easy to integrate, operate, and maintain. In addition to exceptional throughput and reliable print quality, CLNX Plus also reduces operational costs which makes it the number one choice for barcode, text printing and RFID encoding. Onboard emulations make it simple to replace an existing printer fleet and easily integrate into any work environment. With on-board video tutorials and intuitive menu navigation, printer operators no longer have to search for answers. Furthermore, they can clean and change out print heads and platen rollers quickly via tool-free procedures, thereby minimizing production downtime.

The CL4NX Plus label printers were designed to reduce the number of potential printer errors or print-run failures, and to speed up the processes of routine maintenance for users in supply chain, automotive, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, transportation and logistics applications.

SATO CL4NX Plus series thermal printerSATO powered on-site

SATO CL6NX Plus series thermal tabletop label printers

SATO CL6NX Plus series thermal printerSATO powered on-site

CL6NX Plus tabletop printers are built to work with labels up to 6 inches and support 203 and 305 dpi print resolutions. For an increase in the flexibility and efficiency of your printing solutions, SATO has added media handling options, including rewinders/dispensers and cutters. Wireless and clock/calendar interfaces help to expand printer functionality.

The CL6NX Plus series models are easy-to-install, easy-to-use, and easy-to-service. CLNX Plus offers exceptional throughput as well as industry-leading print quality and accuracy for your text and barcode printing as well as RFID encoding. All SATO printers are equipped with on-board emulations offering a plug-and-play replacement when switching from other brands. The printer’s color display offers access to video tutorials that assist users in various operational procedures. The CLNX series also eliminates common maintenance issues with its durable construction, wide-angle print head access, tool free print head and platen replacement procedures.

The CL6NX Plus label printers provide an intuitive printing solution for users looking to reduce potential breakdowns and lower the total cost of ownership and operation in product identification, warehouse bin labels, cross dock and routing labeling applications.

SATO CLNX Plus thermal label printers to improve your workflow

From offering many practical benefits to easily integrating with existing workflow, SATO CLNX Plus thermal label printers are built for high performance and improved efficiency, which helps users reach their production goals.

Seamless integration

Rather than take a chance on a printer’s ability to integrate with existing infrastructure, you can trust that the SATO CLNX Plus thermal label printers will integrate seamlessly. SATO achieves this by designing the CLNX Plus with intuitive operation capabilities. But the design perks don’t stop there. This machine is of industrial strength quality, which means it is durable and will be a good fit for the manufacturing and/or warehouse environments.

Nex-gen technology

SATO is focused on “next-generation” technology, which is where the “NX” is derived. But what does that really mean? At SATO, that means including barcode symbologies, character sets and communication interfaces that make this an industry-leading printing solution. And while there is a next-generation focus on including the print engine industry’s highest performing technology, there is also a focus on easy-to-use solutions that cater to operators of all levels of experience.

Built durable

The durability of the CLNX Plus series makes it an excellent printer for the industrial and manufacturing environments, but the functionality of the printer has made it extremely popular in industries where the immediate surroundings are less hectic and dirty, such as healthcare, transportation/logistics and government offices. These entities take advantage of the CLNX Plus series’ elite processing power, memory capacity and throughput speed, as well as its excellent communication and emulsion capabilities.

Tool-less maintenance

Just as with other SATO product models, the CLNX is designed for easy, tool-free maintenance. When it comes time to replace a platen or print head, it can be done easily with minimal downtime. Also, with the repair and warranty options, users are covered if something more significant occurs with your printer.

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