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SATO CL4NX Plus thermal printer

Food & Beverage
Warehouse & Distribution Centers

High-speed thermal printer for hand applied labels. The CL4NX Plus is best used for labels less than 4.09” wide, of any length. Works with direct thermal and thermal transfer labels.

  • Easy to operate and configure with built-in training videos on the printer screen and built-in settings cloning via USB
  • Compatible with all major printer control languages
SATO CL4NX Plus printer
SATO powered on-site

High-performance industrial labeling solution designed for seamless integration into existing workflows

Along with reduced downtime, users get maximum printing speeds, print precision and improved operational capability for enhanced productivity. This universal industrial label and barcode printer is easy to operate and designed for plug-and-play.

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Best-in-class print speed in 305 dpi (up to 14 ips); 50% faster than major competitor printers in 609 dpi for 40% increased label production.

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30% more ribbon (600 m) & 80% more label media capacity (10” outer diameter roll) for less downtime replenishing supplies.

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Print small, crisp characters in tight spaces with micro-label print mode. Ideal for UID, 2D codes, PCB, small-item labels or electronic products.

Anatomy of the industry powerhouse

From easy-to-navigate, full color LCD screens to unparalleled connectivity via multiple interfaces, extra long ribbon capacity to seven emulation modes, the CL4NX is clearly an industry powerhouse. Where there is a need for the ultimate in flexibility and durability, even in the harshest industrial environments, the CL4NX is engineered to deliver.

SATO CL4NX Plus anatomy

Stay connected with a large variety of standard interfaces including LAN, USB (type A & B), Parallel, Serial, External I/O Interface and NFC (Bidirectional), or upgrade with WLAN and RTC options available.

3.5” Full color LCD screen makes it easy to navigate menus and watch built-in instructional videos.

SBPL, SIPL, SZPL, SEPL, SDPL, STCL, and XML emulation modes are pre-downloaded and just a few button presses away.

USB ports allow for settings to be cloned from one printer to a whole fleet, quickly and easily.

Ribbon capacity of up to 600 meters for maximum up-time between ribbon changes.

Internal label roll storage fits 10” outer diameter label rolls (or 8” at adjusted position when optional dispenser and rewinder are installed).

203, 305, and 609 dpi interchangeable printheads provide maximum application flexibility and future upgradeability. One-touch, tool-less printhead release mechanism for fast and efficient printhead changes.

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Ready to build your CL4NX Plus?

SATO CL4NX Plus specifications

Print methodDirect & Thermal Transfer
Print resolution203 or 305 or 609 dpi
Print widthUp to 4.09"
Print speed (max)14 ips - 203 dpi
14 ips - 305 dpi
6 ips - 609 dpi
Printer languagesSBPL (Sato), ZPL (Zebra), DPL (Datamax), IPL (Intermec), XML, Direct PDF Printing
Settings cloningYes, copy settings from printer to printer via USB or ethernet
TrainingOn-board training videos for simple operations like changing labels or replacing printheads for easier operator use
Remote ManagementSNMP Ver. 3, Web Interface, SATO Online Services (SOS), All-In-One Tool (AIOT), SOTI Connect

CL4NX Plus product datasheet
CL4NX Plus quick guide
CL4NX Plus and CL6NX Plus operator manual
CL4NX Plus and CL6NX Plus programming reference

Compatibility & interchangeability

SATO printers are fully plug-and-play interchangeable with other common printer brands, such as Datamax, Zebra, and Intermec. Emulation mode allows the SATO printer to accept DPL, ZPL, or IPL printer control codes. Once the CL4NX Plus is put in emulation mode, it will automatically detect the relevant printer language and print the correct labels. This means other brand printers can be replaced easily by a new SATO without IT or software changes.

The CL4NX Plus is more compact than similar-in-class printers, measuring 18.00″ L x 10.67″ W x 12.64″ H. This small footprint allows the CL4NX Plus to fit into printer cabinets built for various other table-top printer brands without modification. Additionally, the folding cover design accommodates tighter spaces than other table-top printers.

cl4nx plus thermal printer connections


203 dpi, 305 dpi and 609 dpi are available. Lower dpi is more affordable and allows for faster print speed. This makes 203 dpi the most popular for printing text and barcodes. 305 dpi and 609 dpi are best for intricate logos and images.

DPI stands for “dots per inch.” Higher DPI allows for better print quality.

Communication interface

  • Standard – Ethernet, USB, RS232 and IE1284 come standard with all CL4NX Plus printers.
  • WLAN – WLAN stands for “Wireless Local Area Network,” also known as WiFi. This option adds a Dual Band (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz) antenna, allowing for labels to print via WiFi. With the adoption of Industry 4.0 practices, this option is becoming more popular.
  • RTC – RTC stands for “Real Time Clock.” A real time clock is a highly accurate method of time measurement. It is useful if a large batch of labels needs to be sent to the printer all at once, with each label printing the precise time it was created, rather than just the time the batch was sent from the computer. This is sometimes the case for printing lot numbers or expiration dates on large label batch jobs.

Media handling

  • Standard – Labels are printed on the roll of label stock with the backing still attached.
  • Dispenser & rewinder – The dispenser and rewinder peel and present each label individually. The backing is rewound automatically, so the labels can be taken one at a time, pre-peeled. This is ideal for printing labels that need to be immediately applied within arm’s reach of the printer – highly common for box and other product labeling applications.
  • Cutter – The cutter allows for cutting label stock up to 10 mm thick. The cutter cuts the label at the gap between individual labels and allows for single labels to be handed out with the backing still attached.
  • Linerless cutter – The linerless cutter allows for cutting of “linerless” label stock. Linerless label stock reduces waste but is significantly less affordable. For this reason, it is most common in regions of the world where liner waste is taxed or regulated.
SATO Select

All thermal printers purchased in 2021 come with FREE 1-year onsite service contract from SATO Select when bought on SATO Printer Store.

SATO Select offers optional coverage plans that include a field service engineer coming to your location with the required parts to make the repairs. Onsite plans are available in 1-, 3- and 5-year commitments. The onsite service plan includes unlimited repairs, travel time, parts and labor (excluding print heads). The standard response time is within 48 hours of receiving the call or email. This service is available throughout the U.S.

SATO Select is the only official support program offered by SATO, and all technicians are trained exclusively to service SATO printers.

Learn more about SATO extended warranties

SATO onsite service contracts include:

  • Parts, labor and travel charges
  • Two preventive maintenance checks
  • Unlimited service calls
  • Technical support assistance from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m., Mon-Fri (excluding holidays)
  • Onsite service from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Mon-Fri (excluding holidays)
Printer drivers & software
Download drivers for Windows OS

SATO Printers Windows Driver

Download drivers for Mac OS

For Mac OS X: 32/64 bit platform

Download drivers for Linux OS

32-bit system
64-bit system

Download drivers for other platforms

Linux ARM


Switching to SATO is as easy as one click. EMULATE.

Print with any Control Codes – “Emulation Mode” allows SATO printers to print using the printer codes of all other major printer brands, including Zebra, Datamax and Intermec. Plug and play with your existing software.

Clone Printer Settings via USB – Easily clone printer settings across your entire fleet via USB or ethernet. USB cloning empowers maintenance personnel to pull exact settings from printers and install those settings on other printers in seconds.

Value-added features for a significant productivity boost

CL4NX Plus front label

14 ips print speed at 203 and 305 dpi

Up to 14 inches per second for fast batch printing. The only 4” industrial printer with print speeds of 14 ips at 305 dpi.

CL4NX Plus microlabel

Micro label print mode

Higher tolerance (+/-0.7 mm) for increased print image accuracy when using small label sizes (<53 mm length).

CL4NX Plus

60° wide print head opening with pure line platen roller

Best-in-class head opening of 60° allows easier access to load media and perform routine maintenance. This Pure Line wear indicator on the platen roller provides a visual gauge as to when the platen needs to be replaced.

CL4NX Plus label ribon

10-inch OD media supply and 600 m ribbon

More media per roll and longer ribbon lengths mean less downtime replenishing supplies.

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SATO RF Analyze (SRA)

Eliminate the guesswork and future proof RFID technology by using SATO RF Analyze (SRA) to optimize the antenna and inlay settings automatically to save you time!


SATO Application Enabled Printing (AEP)

SATO’s Application Enabled Printing (AEP) platform is powerful on-board intelligence that enables customization of the printer operation to significantly simplify labeling operations and reduce business costs.

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