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Genuine SATO printers and parts

SATO dedicated store with online selector tools and resources making your buying experience easy and secure. Printers, OEM print engines and parts are shipped directly from the SATO warehouse in North Carolina, US.

SATO printersSATO powered on-site

Switching to SATO is as easy as one click. EMULATE.

Print with any Control Codes – “Emulation Mode” allows SATO printers to print using the printer codes of all other major printer brands, including Zebra, Datamax and Intermec. Plug and play with your existing software.

Clone Printer Settings via USB – Easily clone printer settings across your entire fleet via USB or ethernet. USB cloning empowers maintenance personnel to pull exact settings from printers and install those settings on other printers in seconds.

Thermal printers

In production facilities where high volume is the norm, nothing but the most reliable, fast and efficient thermal printers will do. SATO thermal printers are built sturdy and will last a long time without going down. Furthermore, they’re user friendly and easy to maintain.

  • Increased label production by 40% when printing at 305 dpi at 14 ips (the only 4” industrial printer with print speeds of 14 ips at 305 dpi).
  • 30% more ribbon (600 m) & 80% more label media capacity (10” outer diameter roll) for less downtime replenishing supplies.
  • Print small, crisp characters in tight spaces with micro-label print mode. Ideal for UID, 2D codes, PCB, small-item labels or electronic products.
SATO CL4NX printer

CL4NX Plus series printers

When fast print speeds up to 14 ips are required, the CL4NX Plus delivers. Used in a variety of vertical applications in many industries, this 4-in. intelligent industrial tabletop printer keeps pace with the most demanding jobs with the help of auto-detect emulations.

from $1,496
SATO CL6NX printer

CL6NX Plus series printers

From auto-detect emulations to ease-of-use, the CL6NX Plus industrial tabletop printer brings intelligence to the forefront. The wide 6.59-in. print width and a print resolution of 203/305 dpi make this printer a huge hit for clients requiring that extra width.

from $2,621

Print engines

Production facilities rely on the durability, dependability and speed of the SATO industrial print engines. From best-in-class print speeds to faster throughput, these intelligent print engines bring a lot to the table, yet they are easy to use and maintain.

  • Best-in-class print speed in 203 and 305 dpi maximizes entire label printing volumes during 24/7 automatic print and apply operations.
  • 10-15% faster print throughput with equivalent print speed against major competitor printers.
  • Print small, crisp characters in tight spaces with 609 dpi. Ideal for UID, 2D codes, PCB, small-item labels or electronic products.
SATO S84ex Print Engine

S84-ex print engines

The S84-ex print engine can fire out printed material at speeds up to 16 ips. And while speed is important, uptime is also crucial. The tool-less print head replacement makes this print engine exceedingly easy to work on, which significantly reduces downtime.

from $4,634
SATO S86ex Print Engine

S86-ex print engines

Quick setup and configuration are two key aspects of the S86-ex print engine, which also prints materials at a rate of 14 ips. Replacement parts can be installed with little to no training and at a rapid pace, making maximum uptime attainable.

from $5,028

SATO Select service commitment options

Protect your SATO products with annual SATO Select plans from SATO America. In the event of malfunction or breakdown, service plans offer “insurance” for your equipment, saving you money and improving uptime.

Teams of factory-trained technicians deliver telephone, onsite and workshop services to ensure business continuity and satisfaction. Unlimited service calls provide immediate access to support specialists who quickly troubleshoot the system, returning your hardware to operating condition. The Depot service plans include technical and software support, preventive maintenance, five-day repair turnarounds and accidental damage coverage. With Onsite service, one call prompts a certified field service engineer to come to you for one-on-one, personalized attention.

All the repair services are completed by certified SATO technicians using genuine SATO parts, providing you with peace of mind.

Learn more about SATO extended warranties
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SATO right printer solution

Find the right SATO printer solution

Our professionals will help you choose the right printer and confirm part compatibility. The average email response time is two hours if received between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. CST Monday through Friday.

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