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SATO S84-ex series print engines

S84-ex meets or exceeds the requirements of all 4-inch printing applications. Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer models are available in right hand and left hand versions. Ribbon Saver models for reducing the use of thermal transfer ribbon are also available.

The S84-ex series models offer exceptional throughput, quality imaging and exceptionally easy operation, setup and maintenance. Numerous interfaces, as well as tool-less maintenance and optional wireless and Bluetooth, allow for even greater connectivity as the needs of an organization evolves.

SATO offers solutions that can print text and barcodes on the surface of RFID tags and labels while encoding RFID data into them continuously and verifying the function of RFID tags prior to printing.

SATO S84 ex series print engineSATO powered on-site

SATO S86-ex series print engines

SATO S86 ex series print engineSATO powered on-site

S86-ex is a perfect fit for any 6-inch label printer applicators. Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer models are available in both right hand and left hand versions.

Ease of operation and quality imaging are what make the S86-ex a standout, but easy setup and maintenance are also desirable aspects of this print engine. A range of standard multiple interface options, which includes Bluetooth and wireless choices, deliver increased connectivity to support both legacy and future host environments, as well as multiple language support.

SATO print engines deliver flexibility and convenience offering the easy tool-less maintenance: print head and roller replacement is fast and simple; rear service access gives convenient access to PCB, gear and power supply. The ability to get inside to carry out maintenance and repairs is a major benefit, since print engines are used right in production lines.

SATO print engines to minimize downtime and keep operations running

When you invest in a SATO print engine, you’re investing in a machine that significantly reduces print-related interruptions. If your print-and-apply application is a true workhorse, you need to make the centerpiece a SATO print engine.

Fast and easy maintenance

Print engines, as the essential component of a print-and-supply process, must be durable and when maintenance is required, it shouldn’t have to involve proprietary tools that take training to use. In fact, SATO print engines require no tools at all for usual maintenance, such as print head and roller replacement. SATO printers are made with convenient access to the backside and a tool-less sensor cover replacement/cleaning.

Efficient operation in any environment

Shop environments can be harsh, to say the least, which is why SATO print engines are built durable and are made to function in areas where dust and debris are common. And despite the debris, SATO builds its machines to run at top speed, 24/7. The high performance plus the no-to-low downtime means that SATO clients see plenty of value. Also adding value is the fact that maintenance needs are limited as is consumable use.

User friendly

When SATO designed these print engines, the engineers focused on making everything about it easy, from the set up and use of the machines to the integration of them and routine maintenance. For example, even the novice printer user can change out a roller in minutes. SATO’s modular design drive system is the key to simplifying maintenance and reducing costly downtime.

Competitively priced

And while the printers are industrial grade and provide premium functionality, the prices are competitive and completely reasonable. No matter your industry, when you need a high-speed label print engine, SATO is the go-to, trustworthy provider. SATO is also committed to offering high-quality technical support through highly trained printer experts who can handle any query.

Top-quality support and service

High-speed print engines have numerous moving parts that will wear out over time. Fortunately, SATO has spare parts in stock, so when a component fails, there is a part available so downtime is as minimal as possible. Another perk to implementing a print engine from SATO is the industry-leading service and support package that suits the needs of all customers. This is yet another option for preventing costly downtime.

SATO right printer solution

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