Due to global production constraints and increased industry demand, some SATO products are out of stock and have a 10-12 week lead time. To manage the demands, we have established the following policy:

  • Backordered products are temporarily out of stock but are available for purchase on our Site. Order, pay now and we will ship the products when they become available.
  • Backorders are filled and shipped in the order they are received. Therefore, the first to pay for a backordered item will be the first to receive it when it is in stock.
  • Product availability information presented on our Site is the most reliable and current information we have. Anticipated delivery dates are only estimates, dependent on our supplies and other factors beyond our control, and are subject to change.
  • Once a backorder has been placed, the payment will be charged in full or invoiced to your email for payment as we process payments for in-stock items. Payment guarantees your place in line so you receive the item at the earliest possible date.
  • There are no cancellations or changes, under any circumstances, that can be made on backordered products after the order has been placed. Once the backordered product is received by you, you can then choose to return the item in accordance with our Return policy.
  • In-stock items ordered with Backorder items will be held and all items will ship together. If you prefer to receive your in-stock item first, please place separate orders.

IMPORTANT: We do not recommend proceeding with a backorder if you have a requirement for when to receive a product. Normally, estimates provided are fulfilled to the exact day, or within several weeks from that date. Although it is possible for delays to be up to a month, and in rare circumstances, several months. We will provide you with the most accurate ETAs possible throughout the process, but note that these are solely estimates and do not represent a delivery guarantee or promise of availability.