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CT4-LX series desktop thermal printers

The CT4-LX series redefines the ease of use and versatility of desktop thermal printers. Supporting print resolutions of 203 and 305 dpi, these printers handle media up to 4 inches wide, accommodating a variety of labeling needs. Advanced features such as smart printing capabilities enable standalone operations without the need for a PC, making these printers highly efficient in various settings.

Equipped with a modern 4.3-inch full-color touchscreen, the CT4-LX series offers an intuitive user experience and simplifies operations. Connectivity options like standard LAN, USB, and NFC, along with optional WLAN and Bluetooth, ensure seamless integration into existing networks. The series also includes innovative label waste prevention features, which significantly reduce costs and environmental impact.

Designed for flexibility and reliability, the CT4-LX models are ideal for industries requiring frequent label changes, such as retail, healthcare, and manufacturing. They seamlessly combine functionality with performance, making them an excellent choice for businesses looking to enhance their labeling processes. With the ability to easily integrate into any workflow and replace existing fleets due to onboard emulations, the CT4-LX series stands out as a smart, sustainable investment in desktop printing technology.

Front view of CT4-LX label printerSATO powered on-site

CT4-LX-HC series desktop thermal printers for healthcare

Front view of CT4-LX-HC healthcare label printer with a wristbandSATO powered on-site

The CT4-LX-HC series sets a new standard for desktop thermal printers in healthcare environments. These printers are specifically designed with features that promote safety and efficiency, which are crucial in medical settings. Each CT4-LX-HC model includes a durable anti-microbial casing and is prepared for frequent disinfections, ensuring compliance with stringent healthcare hygiene standards.

This series offers a 4.3-inch full-color touchscreen for intuitive operation, streamlining tasks for healthcare professionals. Equipped with connectivity options like standard LAN, USB, and NFC, along with optional WLAN and Bluetooth, the CT4-LX-HC integrates effortlessly into existing hospital networks. It supports print resolutions of 203 and 305 dpi, accommodating a variety of medical printing needs such as patient labels, wristbands, and specimen tags.

The CT4-LX-HC printers are not only easy to operate but also feature a compact design that fits well in space-constrained areas. The inclusion of smart printing capabilities allows for standalone operation, enhancing efficiency by eliminating the need for continuous PC connectivity. Designed to withstand the rigors of healthcare environments, these printers provide reliability and performance, making them an essential tool for enhancing patient safety and operational efficiency.

WS4 series desktop thermal printers

The WS4 Series embodies flexibility and simplicity, making it a standout choice for a wide range of desktop printing applications. Available in both direct thermal and thermal transfer models, these printers support print widths up to 4 inches and offer resolutions of 203 or 300 dpi, catering to diverse label, receipt, and tag printing needs across industries.

Designed for ease of use, the WS4 series features a straightforward media loading process and a user-friendly LCD display that enhances operational efficiency. The printers are equipped with standard USB and RS232 interfaces, with optional LAN, WLAN, and Bluetooth connectivity, facilitating easy integration into existing systems and networks.

With their compact and robust design, WS4 printers are perfect for environments where space is at a premium but demand for printing accuracy and efficiency remains high. They are particularly suitable for retail, manufacturing, logistics, and healthcare applications. Whether printing barcodes, labels, or tags, the WS4 series delivers reliable performance, ensuring consistent print quality and durability for all your small to medium volume printing tasks.

SATO WS4 desktop thermal printerSATO powered on-site
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